About Us

Kasey Hope

Local artist and teacher Kasey Hope opened P’zazz Art Studio in the summer of 2007, just before the arrival of her first child. P’zazz began primarily focusing on after school art lessons. Hope, a former school teacher, wanted to provide a place to allow children to express their creativity, to explore different art mediums, to learn to make decisions and think differently as they were creating art.

She truly feels that she is helping to raise the next generation of innovative thinkers and do-ers through art. It wasn’t long before parents began asking for classes of their own and children began asking to have their birthday parties at P’zazz! The studio has evolved over the past 11 years. What once was a small studio only opened a few hours a week is now a 6 day a week studio that appeals to kids and adults of all ages! P’zazz continues to offer children’s art classes, birthday parties, adult classes, private parties, Mom and Me classes, summer art camps, fundraisers,and so much more

P’zazz is partnered with the “Rice Bowls” organization ( www.ricebowls.org) to help provide food for orphans around the world. Kasey has personally traveled to Honduras and India to visit with some of the orphanages that P’zazz helps support.  After her first trip to Honduras she made the pledge that “For Every painter who comes to P’zazz , we feed a kid for a day”. P’zazz has provided over 90,000 meals for orphans and that number grows every month!

Halee Vaughan

We are excited to have Halee Vaughan as one of our instructors at P’zazz. Halee graduated with a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts and English Studies from Huntingdon College. She can do wonders with a box of prisma pencils, a pan of watercolors, or any medium you give her for that matter. She has a natural ability to connect and encourage each and every student that walks in the doors of P’zazz. She doesn’t consider P’zazz to be just a job but rather a place where she can be all that God created her to be.. an artist, an encourager, a listener, and a teacher. She is a true asset to the P’zazz family!